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Thank you dear friends and family for adding beauty and colour to my 2022. Let’s make 2023 even brighter and more colourful by making Jesus our Light and salvation. I love you all and I appreciate every moment you spent reading my posts. God bless you always.


Knowing God and His purpose for your life. (The end)



When God calls you to serve Him, be willing to serve Him in whatever capacity He chooses for you. Don’t paint a picture in your mind of how your service to God should look like, else you may be disappointed. Allow Him lead you one day at a time. 

Most people believe that once God has called them, they will definitely end up as a  great man or woman of God, known all over the world. Sometimes this may be the case, and sometimes not. What if you fall into the category of “sometimes not” , how will you feel? Disappointed? Well, you shouldn’t be because the bible says in Ephesians 4:11 (KJV)  “And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers”. Being a teacher of the word of God with only six students or followers doesn’t make you less important than then one whom God has called as an apostle, with 20,000 followers. 

You’ve been called to be a teacher with only six students for a purpose. Don’t deviate. Don’t envy. Don’t murmur. For He who has called you, has the master plan and is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Stay faithful in the little He has given you, and if it’s His will to uplift you to a higher platform, then so be it. Otherwise, stay faithful in the little He has assigned to you till the return of our Saviour Jesus Christ. God will not reward the apostle more than you because he was an apostle, neither will He reward you less because you were a teacher. No, our rewards will be based on our obedience and steadfastness to God’s call upon our lives. So, the key thing here is obedience, steadfastness and contentment. 

You can find joy and satisfaction in serving God by living each day at a time. I’ve put up a few points below to aid you in finding joy in your service to God.  These are just a few points of mine, which are not all encompassing. So, I strongly encourage those who are feeling weary in the vineyard of the Lord to engage the Holy Spirit, who is our comforter. He will do a better job than what I’ve just done here. 

  1. Offer your life to God as a living sacrifice. 
  1. Allow God to use you as He deems fit.
  1. Live a simple and unassuming life. 
  1. Don’t crave to be popular.
  1. Don’t envy other ministers of God, focus on your calling.
  1. Engage the Holy Spirit in your service to God, He will give you the grace needed to succeed. 
  1. Always remember these three keys, obedience, steadfastness and contentment. 

This brings us to the end of this book. Feel free to reach the author by mail – maryaukpong@gmail.com 

Knowing God and His purpose for your life. (6)



2 Timothy 2:21 (KJV)  If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master’s use, and prepared unto every good work.

The above bible verse admonishes us to purge ourselves if we want to be fit for the master’s use. God’s greatness is infinite and so is the extent to which God can use you, if only you’ll make yourself fit for Him. 

Sin is the major factor that can hinder you from reaching your full potential in life, therefore to maximise that God given gift in you, you need to make a conscious effort to live a holy and consecrated life to God. Enter into a relationship with God, commune with Him daily and have that understanding that whatever success He brings your way will not drift you away from Him, but will rather draw you and many souls closer to Him. 

For God to unlock that greatness in you, there must be that understanding that you belong to God and you’re also ready to serve God no matter the level or height he takes you to. If you become the President of your country today, will you use that platform to propagate the gospel of Christ or will you shy away? If you win the Grammy awards for being the best female ot male vocalist, will you still want to be associated with  Christ? Will your Grammy acceptance speech give glory to God or to man? God wants the best for you but will your best birth more souls for the Lord or will it lure you away from Him?

These are things we should ponder on and come to a definite conclusion, which is; to serve Jesus irrespective of your social status

We earlier mentioned sin as the major factor that does not allow our gifts to shine forth, but it’s important to note here that Pride in particular does more havoc. 

What is pride? It simply means exalting yourself above God, giving glory and credit to yourself for your achievements rather than acknowledging God. 

When God has made you great and famous, don’t forget God. Don’t use that opportunity to showcase yourself, rather glorify God and uplift His name. Use your greatest for Him and not for selfish purposes. At the peak of your success, remember Philippians 2:13 (KJV) which says, “For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure”.

The gifts and talents given to you by God is to do His will and good pleasure and not for your personal ambitions. Don’t get there, and forget who you are in Christ. 

Maximising God’s gifts in you is possible, if you submit yourself to the tutelage of the Holy Spirit and are ready to pay the price of obedience and humility. 

Knowing God and His purpose for your life. (5)



God has called everyone of us to work for Him, be it on the pulpit or behind closed doors, we all have a job here on earth to fulfil before we return back to our Creator. 

God who has called you, has also equipped you for that ministry and that’s where our gifts or talent come into use. Our God given talents are not meant for self glorification or satisfaction. It’s meant for serving God and promoting His Kingdom. 

We’ve observed that some musicians started with God (i.e, some were in the church choir),but later drifted away to secular music. Maybe they got carried away by the glamour of fame and stardom and decided to use their talents for worldly pleasure. The unfortunate thing is that they seem to forget who gave them these gifts in the first place and He will one day require from them an account of how these gifts were used.

God’s gifts and talents are for the edification of the church, don’t let anyone or anything sway you from this truth. You can still be famous using your talents for God. God may decide to bring you to the limelight if He so pleases, after all we know a lot of popular gospel artists and athletes who profess Jesus openly so as to win souls for God. Many Christians have risen to stardom by simply doing God’s work and using their talents for the purpose which God called them to. 

There is nothing bad in a Christian becoming famous neither is God against it. Your popularity should have the effect of depopulating hell and increasing traffic of souls going to Heaven. 

Use that platform God has elevated you to, to reach more souls and make Jesus known to the world. Sadly, some shy away from this. They don’t want to mix Jesus with their fame because they fear the world may reject or castigate them. 

Ephesians 2.10 says ” For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do”. 

We’ve been called by God to do good works in whatever circumstances we find ourselves. We were all ordained for this, right from the beginning of the world. That you’re a  celebrity today, is not by chance. God planned it so, for His own purpose. 

Some may become celebrities for Christ through their God given talents and some may not. We all have different callings and only God will determine how far these gifts or talents will take us to. Let’s not focus our energy on being popular, rather let’s have the mindset of servitude, allowing God decide in what capacity we will serve Him. 

Knowing God and His purpose for your life. (4)



Now that you’ve taken out time to pray and discovered God’s purpose for your life, what next? 

The bible says we should occupy till He comes, meaning wherever you find yourself, do your best to represent Jesus. Use all at your disposal to promote the kingdom of God. Knowing your purpose helps you to do more for God because you now channel your energy into doing God’s will and not yours, thereby achieving more and saving time.

If you’ve read this book to this level and are yet to discover God’s purpose for your life, then take a break and go sit with God till He speaks with you. For what’s the essence of writing this book, if the readers don’t put into practice what they learn? My prayer is that before you are done reading this book, you would have known who you really are and why God sent you to earth. So, it’s ok if you take a break and go seek the face of God. Before you approach Him, Search your heart. Why do you want to know God’s purpose for your life? After He has revealed this to you, are you willing to pursue the path He has called you into? These are the questions you should ask yourself before you ask God to reveal His will for you. God is not a joker. If He reveals His plans for your life, He expects you to pursue it with all seriousness and dedication. Also, His gifts and talents are to be used to the glory of His name and edification of the church. Therefore, approach God with the mindset of someone who is willing to learn, and use all within his or her disposal to please God and promote His kingdom. 

When you’ve discovered God’s purpose for your life, the next thing to do,  is to ask the Holy Spirit to help you walk in that path. Sometimes, we discover God’s plans for us, but find it difficult to live that life. This Is because we need God’s grace to succeed in our callings. You cannot do it on your own. Simply knowing God’s purpose is not all that there is to it. Once you discover who you really are, work begins. You now make conscious efforts to stay in that path and avoid those things that have nothing to do with what God has revealed to you. 

For instance, if you’ve been called to evangelise and one day someone invites you to join a music lesson, would you go ahead and do so? You will most likely say no, because music is not your calling neither do you’ve any inclination towards it. By rejecting this offer, you’ve saved yourself time, money and unnecessary stress. 

When you come across people who complain of spending so much time and energy doing a particular thing but still cannot achieve it, it’s better to advise them to go back to the drawing board and enquire from the Lord if that’s what He really wants them to do. When God calls you into an office or ministry, He equips you to succeed. What will God profit by letting you spend 3 to 4 years or even more pursuing a particular thing and at the end you’ve nothing to show for it? God is not a time waster. Pursue only what God has revealed to you and not what your flesh desires or what the society demands. 

For those who have discovered their purposes and God’s calling, do well to stay in that path and continually seek ways to develop and harness your gifts and talents. 

Knowing God and His purpose for your life. (3)



Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: Matthew 7:7 (KJV). 

The surest way to know God’s purpose for your life is to ask God. Some make the mistake of asking their Pastors, Prophets, Seers, or even their friends. How do you expect these people to give you the accurate answer when it wasn’t them who created you? God is all knowing and there is nothing hidden from Him. All you ever need to know about yourself and destiny, lies in God’s hands. Go ahead and ask God why he created you. Tell Him you want to know your purpose here on earth, so you can start aligning with it. When asking, be consistent until you hear clearly from Him. 

Secondly, you can know God’s purpose for your life by taking a close look at your gifts or talents. For example, if you love singing and are good at it, it may be a pointer to the fact that you’ve been called to be a worshipper. If you’re the type that loves praying and you’ve compassion towards others, it may be an indicator that you’re an intercessor. Also, if you love helping or assisting others, perhaps you’ve been called into the ministry of helps. Some love teaching and admonishing others, maybe theirs is the teaching ministry.

These are just a few examples to help us understand how our passion or talents could lead us into discovering God’s purpose for our lives.

The third way of knowing God’s purpose for your life is through your spiritual head, for example your mentor, pastor or cleric. God may choose to reveal his plans for you through your spiritual head. These men and women of God may encourage you to pursue the path God has revealed to them, so it’s now left for you to seek God’s face for confirmation. It’s not good to just rely on what anyone says about your calling. It’s better to also hear from God about these things, in case trials and tribulations arise in your life as a result of choosing to pursue your purpose here on earth. You’ll always remember that you heard God clearly and the path you’ve chosen aligns with his plans for you. 

Lastly, one of the ways of knowing God’s purpose for your life is by always having a reoccurring dream. You may find yourself in dreams always doing the same act. Maybe when you dream, you often see yourself praying for the sick, that may suggest healing ministry. How about those who always find themselves preaching in the dream?, that’s evangelism ministry. 

You may discover your purpose through other ways which haven’t been mentioned here, but most importantly is to make hay while the sun shines. Time waits for no one. Serve God in your youth. Not when your body is weak and frail. It’s possible to serve God at old age, but we both know that the experience isn’t the same. 

Knowing God and His purpose for your life. (2)



The earlier we discover what God’s purpose for our lives is, the better. This is because, once you know God’s plans for you, you will stop stressing yourself over issues that have nothing to do with your life. 

Many have spent years pursuing a career which God never asked them to. They spend years in that field of study but yet nothing to show for it. How about those who embark on businesses and investments without God’s approval? A sure waste of time and resources I would say. Knowing God’s purpose for your life is crucial. It cuts short the process of trial and error, and where there are challenges, you’re sure God’s got your back because He commissioned you into that project.

Knowing God’s purpose for your life is not as difficult as many think. Some feel discouraged after waiting on the Lord for directions but none seems forthcoming. The truth is perhaps God has given a direction, but they’re not aware because they’ve not understood the way God speaks to them. If God speaks to you through dreams and you’re one of those who don’t take dreams seriously, how will you know when God has answered your prayers? Knowing how God speaks to you and understanding His mode of communication will greatly aid your walk with Him.

You cannot know how God speaks to you when you don’t have a relationship with Him. Build a relationship with God first. Cultivate that friendship and overtime you will reap the benefits of knowing God intimately. Whoever creates time for God and considers friendship with God as paramount, has made the wisest decision because God will come and make His abode with you. When God’s presence comes and dwells with you, you begin to operate in the supernatural. He enables you to see beyond today and also shares His secrets with you because He no longer sees you as just His friend but also as partners and co-heir to His Kingdom and nothing good will He withhold from you. 

Knowing God and His purpose for your life (1).


Everyone of us was created by God for a specific purpose. No human being is useless. No matter the condition you find yourself today, you’ve a role to play here on earth. 

To discover who you really are and what role you’ve to play here on earth, you need to first know God, your creator. 

  1. You know God through Jesus; For you to know God, you must first of all know His Son, Jesus. 

John 14:6 (KJV)  Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Jesus is the key to knowing God. You can not have access to God except through Jesus, His Son. The bible makes us understand that we’re all sinners and because God is Holy and cannot behold iniquity, He sent His only begotten Son to die for us, in order to reconcile us to Him. 

Any man who does not believe in Jesus Christ and does not accept Him as his personal Lord and Saviour, has no business looking for God. You need Jesus to first cleanse you of all your sins before presenting you to His Father, The Almighty. The purpose of Jesus dying on the cross, was to shed his blood as an atonement for our sins. Every human being needs the blood of Jesus to wash away their sins before they can know God. 

Seeking to know God without asking Jesus to wash away your sins, is not going to yield any positive results. Jesus is the standard, you must follow His ways to see God. That’s why the bible calls Him, The First born. He died to save us and reconcile us back to God, as sons and daughters. When you accept Jesus as your saviour, you automatically become a child of God and co-heir to the kingdom of God. 

As a child of God, you now have unlimited access to God. Knowing Him and His ways becomes more realistic. 

Your Heavenly Father awaits you, with open arms. When will you give your life to Jesus, so he can wash your sins away, and then present you to God? If you’ve not yet accepted Jesus Christ into your life, please take a moment and say this prayer ; LORD JESUS I ACCEPT YOU AS MY PERSONAL LORD AND SAVIOUR AND I NOW INVITE YOU INTO MY LIFE TO RULE AND DIRECT. PLEASE COME AND TAKE CHARGE OF MY LIFE IN JESUS NAME, AMEN. 

  1. Spend Time with God: Knowing God requires spending time with Him. You get familiar with someone when you spend time together. That’s how you get to know the person’s likes and dislikes, mannerisms, desires, character, etc. Gradually, as the relationship blossoms, you begin sharing secrets with each other. 

God reveals Himself to those who diligently seek Him. God is a priceless treasure. He who seeks and finds him, has found everything in life. When you’ve God in your life, you’ve got everything because He created everything and everything belongs to Him. No wonder, the bible tells us in  Matthew 6:33 (KJV)  “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you”. Whatever you’re chasing out there, that won’t let you spend time with God, is actually in God’s hands. He will release them to you, once you learn how to spend time with Him. 

So, how do you spend time with God? Simple, pick a particular time of the day that you know no one will disturb you and stick to that time everyday. Dedicate at least an hour each day to stay in His presence. I suggest night time, so there’ll be no distractions. Once it’s time, go with a notebook, bible and a book on spiritual growth. Start by praising and worshipping God, confess your sins and then ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand what you’ll be reading, because He is our Teacher and He teaches us all things. Remember to write down what God lays in your heart while you’re in His presence, that’s the essence of going with a notebook. Also, it shows  seriousness and willingness to learn from God. Finally, before you depart from His presence, ask Him to speak to you in ways you’ll understand and He should also grant you understanding of the things He will reveal to you. 

  1. Study the Bible: The bible is God’s word, written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to help us know God and His purpose for creating us and the universe. 

When you Create out time to read and meditate on the word of God, you’ll discover so many treasures hidden in that book called the Bible. That’s where you’ll see God’s character and personality. You’ll discover how He relates with His children, and what is expected of us as we journey through life with Him. 

All the wonderful promises of God are embedded in the bible. Promises that will gladden your heart and give you hope in times of despair are well scripted out in the bible. Every Christian who truly desires to know God and his ways, should feast on the bible as often as possible.

Moreover, daily confessing the word of God over your life and any situation you are facing, will bring about both spiritual and physical transformation to those areas and  cause them to align with God’s will for your life.

  1. Ask the Holy Spirit: The Holy Spirit is present in the life of every born again Christian. His work is to help you live a holy life and to teach you all you need to know about God. That is why He is called our Teacher. The bible tells us that He will teach us all things. Therefore, anything you desire to know about God, go ahead and ask the Holy Spirit. 

The Holy Spirit is a person and can hear you. He is always with you and ready to lend a helping hand when you need one, if only you will ask. Your relationship with God moves on the wheel of the Holy Spirit. He fuels that desire in you to be with God and do His will. He also convicts you of your sins, helps you to reconnect with God anytime you drift away. 

The importance of the Holy Spirit in our lives cannot be overemphasised. He is our divine Helper. 

  1. Prayer: When we pray, we’re talking to God.  After praying, don’t leave. Wait for Him to speak. Most people miss this crucial moment in their prayer lives. They do all the talking and then depart, forgetting that prayer is a two way communication. 

If you want to know God more, then take your prayer life seriously. Pray often and wait for Him to speak. Even if you don’t hear anything, keep doing this and gradually you’ll learn how to quieten your mind, so you can hear Him clearly. Sometimes, He lays something in your mind or gives you an impression. These are still ways God speaks to you. 

John 10:27 (KJV)  My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. 

If you want to know God, you must learn how to hear from Him, and follow Him. 

How impactful is your life?

How many lives have you impacted positively so far? What do you use your time and resources for? Taking care of yourself and perhaps your family? That’s not bad, though I believe you could do better.

Try reaching out to people you’ve not heard from for a long time. It won’t cost you much, but the effect will be longlasting.

Some people fall into depression because they fill abandoned and unloved. The society we live in today has made many people self centred and selfish. No one cares any more, it’s all about me and my comfort.

Please leave your comfort zone and reach out to a few people. The world needs you. Make your life impactful by being available to those who need you. Don’t shut yourself away, please. We need your time and energy, use it wisely. Don’t waste it on things that won’t yield eternal dividends.

By the way, have you given your life to Jesus? You can do more if you have Jesus. Please say this simple prayer below to accept Him into your life.

“Dear Jesus, I invite you into my life today as my personal Lord and Saviour. Please come and take control of my life, in Jesus name, Amen.

Why are you here on earth?

How many of us know our purpose or calling here on earth? In other words, why did God create you? What’s your mandate here on earth? Have you discovered it yet? What are you doing to fulfill that purpose? Have you been called to be a worshipper, intercessor, evangelist, teacher, etc? It’s pertinent that we consciously work each day to fulfill that purpose or calling. The clock is ticking, and we shall give account of how we used the talents God gave us.

If you’re yet to discover why God created you, please find time to enquire from the Lord. Don’t live your life aimlessly.