The answer to the above question is a big yes!. In fact God yearns to speak with us, but unfortunately most of us are too busy chasing our dreams to listen to Him. 

Have you ever wondered why God created us? Well, the answer isn’t farfetched, it’s because God wants to have a relationship with us. That’s why we are created in His image, so we have the ability to relate with Him.

The problem here is that we are too busy. We wake each day and dash off the bed without even saying good morning Jesus, talk less of praying. God has given us 24 hours in a day, but we can’t give Him even 30 minutes or an hour of that time. We use up all the time for our personal satisfaction, forgetting that the Creator of the Universe, the owner of our lives and time is waiting patiently to hear from us.

Don’t be too busy for God, whatever you’re chasing out there, that is taking all your time, actually belongs to God. They are right in His palms waiting for you to come to Him and receive them. All you need to do is, learn how to speak to God daily, and not just that,  learn to wait at His feet to receive divine instructions that will lead you to your desired goal(s).


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A God chaser with passion for lost souls.

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