Outside or Within

Success lies in abiding in you. 
Outside you is emptiness and failure. 
Within you is fulfilment and contentment. 
But I must choose one, Outside or Within. 

Outside is more thrilling. 
There is freedom to do what I please.
The world revolves around me, not you.
I am the boss here, and I call the shots.

Within is restricted, though safer.
I am free to be me, the redeemed me.
I rule the world, but only with your scepter.
You are the boss, and you call the shots. 

Success is sure with you, always.
Yes, I must make a choice. Outside or Within.
I will abide within, restricted but safer.
There lies my eternal goal, the greatest success ever. 

Published by maryaukpong@gmail.com

A God chaser with passion for lost souls.

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