God has a solution to every faulty marriage, and it’s not divorce. 

Why did God institute marriage? God instituted marriage in order to raise godly seeds for Himself. Companionship is also one of the vital reasons God instituted marriage, so that man will not be alone. Loneliness is never a fun place to be, you will agree with me. So God who is all knowing purposed marriage to fill up these gaps in our lives. 

God instituted marriage to bring joy into our lives, not sorrow. It is a perfect gift from God.

If there is any problem in your marriage,  God is not responsible, for His thoughts towards you are thoughts of good not of evil. And if God is not responsible for the challenges you are facing in your marriage, then this is good news. Why is it good news? I call it good news because if God were responsible for the problems in your marriage, then who will you turn to for solutions? If God is truly your father, then you are already halfway in succeeding in that marriage. I said half way because, it is one thing to have God as your father and it's entirely a different thing to recognise Him as such. It's like having a problem with your car and the tool box is in the trunk of the car but you have no idea what each tool is meant for or how it's operated. So yes, you have the solution to the problem of that car, right in front of you but yet the problem still can't be fixed. The same is applicable to those who call God their father but do not recognise Him as such. 

 So the question in your mind now is, how do you recognise God as your father? Brilliant question! You recognise God has your father by allowing Him play that role in your life. What are the roles of a father? It is the Father's job to ensure your safety, provide your needs, discipline you, comfort you and make you feel loved, etc. So now that we have mentioned a few roles of the father, how many of these roles is God actually playing in your life? Do you carry all the burden on your shoulders forgetting that it isn't your job? The burden belongs to God. 

A lot of people do not recognise God as their father because they don't trust Him enough to handle their problems. They believe He is up there and can't get involved with matters down here. That's not true. God created the heavens and the earth and everything in it. Nothing happens here on earth without God's knowledge. Even before you started having problems in your marriage, He saw it coming but couldn't forewarn you because you dont have a relationship with Him and hence cannot recognise His voice when He speaks. 

It is essential that every Christian hears from God and also knows the means through which God speaks to them, (I have written an ebook on that titled "HOW TO HEAR GOD FOR YOURSELF"). Possessing this ability helps us steer clear of problems or shows us the solution to problems. Many will not be facing the unpleasant situation in their marriages today, if they had heard God's warning against marrying the spouse they chose. 

That is why it's advisable to always allow God choose your marriage partner, and not we ourselves. You cannot see into the furture, neither do you know the real intent of the person you are marrying. Only God sees the heart of man. Unfortunately, some people get married just to achieve their selfish ambitions, therefore satisfying the other partner or making him or her happy is not their priority. Such marriage will definitely have issues. When God is the one choosing your partner, He knows who will complement you and help you fulfil your divine purpose here on earth. 

So what happens if you have already made the wrong decision in marriage? The bible says with God all things are possible. Secondly, Romans 8:28 says "And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them". So, it's possible for God to fix that faulty marriage and also use that ugly situation to bring good into your life.  That bible verse says this is achievable for those who love God and are called according to His purpose. So are you in agreement with God  concerning your life here on earth? Are you here to please God or yourself? Do you live each day of your life with heaven in mind? And of course the most important question, do you love God? These are  questions that require candid answers and sober reflection. If you are not living a purpose driven life according to God's plans for you, then make a conscious effort to start doing so now. 

Making a wrong decision in marriage isn't the end of the world. God can still fix it. Going for a divorce is not God's way, because He is a covenant keeper. You entered into a covenant with your spouse in the presence of God and you vowed till death do you part. That is a covenant, and God is involved. God is willing to fix that marriage if you will trust Him. He will make that  marriage bloom and become a success.


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A God chaser with passion for lost souls.

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