Your marriage is workable, don’t give up.

Sometimes God permits certain unpleasant things to happen in our lives, to help mold us into who He wants us to be. It is not God's will that you should have a turbulent marriage but if you happen to find yourself in one, believe that what was meant to break you will eventually be used by God to strengthen you. 

God may choose to use that problem in your life to draw you closer to Him. Some Christians dont seek God until there is an issue that requires divine intervention, then will they remember to call on God. This is not how God wants to relate with us. We must always be available for Him. We shouldn't see Him only as our problem fixer, it's quite unfair to treat God that way. When God tries to reach out to you but you seem too busy for Him, then a time will come when you will be the one chasing Him to come to fix your life.

Why must we wait until there is a problem in our lives before we seek God? Isn't that a self centred relationship? If your spouse were to treat you in this same manner, would you feel loved and appreciated? Why not love God with all your being and watch Him work things out for you? Make God your priority, create time for Him, seek His presence and dwell there, learn to communicate with Him, foster the habit of involving Him in all your decision making and learn how to cast your burden on Him. 

I strongly believe that any faulty marriage can be fixed, if you allow God to be at the centre of it. The bible tells us that God hates divorce, therefore whenever there is a challenge, don't contemplate divorce, rather call unto God to intervene. We can not place enough emphasis on the importance of prayer in a believer's life. Prayer is the way to communicate with God and invite Him into issues of our lives. When you commit everything into God's hands, by praying, God will always come through and He is never too late. While you wait on God to work out your marriage, stay calm and keep loving your spouse. Don't stop being nice and caring because you feel your spouse doesn't deserve it, no, the bible says love your enemies. Do not pay back evil for evil, no good can ever come out of that. 

If you are married to an abusive partner, it's advisable to separate for a while and keep interceding for him or her from a safe place. God may choose to use your prayers and bring Him or her to Christ. Some are married to men and women who claim to be born  again Christians, yet the fruits of the spirit are not evident in them. They still beat their spouses, inflict emotional and psychological trauma on them, yell and threaten them at the slightest provocation. Such, are not true Christians, please stay far away from them until God has perfected His work in their lives. Being separated from them, pending when God will work things out, doesn't mean you are divorced. You are still married and must remain faithful to your spouse. This is not the time to cheat on your spouse but rather a time to pray and seek the face of God concerning your home. It is possible for an abusive partner to genuinely repent and become a new person in Christ Jesus. You can not bring that divine change upon your spouse, only God can. Many people believe they can make their spouses a better person by constantly correcting them or pointing out their errors to them, unfortunately this will not help. It will only earn you the tag of a nag. If you purchase a Toyota car and it develops a fault, the best thing to do is take it to a Toyota workshop and get it fixed. If you try to fix that car on your own, you may likely leave it in a worse condition than it was before. Your spouse is the car and God is the workshop, let Him do the fixing. Your job is to report the problem to Him. He created your spouse, therefore He knows every component in him or her.


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