Spiritual Power and Authority (SPA)

Most people love to be in the position of power or authority, so as to enforce their will on others. This is rather sad, and it applies to both Christians and non Christians. 

In this write up, I will be focusing on Christians and how we can live above satanic oppression by exercising our spiritual power and authority. 

In the physical realm, a lot of people are being oppressed either by those in authority or even by their associates. In the spiritual realm, the same is applicable. There is always a tussle for power, to control and to dominate. As Christians, we should realise that we are the bearers of light and truth and the kingdom of darkness will stop at nothing to ensure we don’t shine bright for the world to see and know this light, which is Jesus Christ, neither do they want the world to come to the knowledge of who Jesus really is. We, as Christians are here on earth to occupy and dominate till Christ returns, but how many Christians are truly in charge? 

Today, you find many Christians living in fear and not being able to exercise their spiritual power and authority over the enemy. Some know their rights as believers, but are too lazy to apply the necessary principles to overcome the oppressor. 

As a Christian, what do you understand as Spiritual Power and Authority?. When you become born again, God comes in and dwells within you in the person of the Holy Spirit , that means every born again Christian has God living inside them. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead, actually resides in you. Take a minute and ponder on that. You are actually housing the Almighty within you. Do you fully grasp the meaning and implication of this? No. That’s the problem with most Christians, they don’t get it or they feel it’s just too good to be true. Whatever may be their stand, this is actually the Truth. Your Spiritual Power and Authority lies in the fact that, it’s no longer you who lives but Christ.  When you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour, your old self died and you allowed Jesus to take over your life and live it for you. Jesus is now in charge of your life,  He is the source of your Spiritual Power and Authority. Living without Jesus is a risky lifestyle, so if you’ve not accepted Jesus Christ into your life, please take a moment and say this prayer ; LORD JESUS I ACCEPT YOU AS MY PERSONAL LORD AND SAVIOUR AND I NOW INVITE YOU INTO MY LIFE TO RULE AND DIRECT. PLEASE COME AND TAKE CHARGE OF MY LIFE IN JESUS NAME, AMEN. 

This simple prayer ushers you into the realm of power and you are now ready to live a life of dominion. Christianity is a life of rule and order, therefore be ready to live a disciplined life. Power has been given to you and for you to live a victorious life, you must be ready to obey God’s commands and stick to His path. I will state some of those rules or principles you should adhere to: 

  1. AVOID SIN. Sin kills and destroys. There is nothing good about it. It only offers temporal pleasure in exchange for a lasting damage. If you keep sinning intentionally, it’s impossible to exercise your spiritual power and authority over the enemy. 
  1. ABIDE IN GOD’S PRESENCE. God’s presence makes the difference in your life. The more you spend time with God, the more His glory rubs off on you. Just like Moses who spent time with God in the Mountain, the bible records that, his face shone and the Israelites couldn’t look at it because of it’s brightness. Moses had to put on a veil inorder to speak with the Israelites. 

When You make it a habit to spend quality time with God daily, you are soaking in His glory and His presence goes with you wherever you go making the crooked places straight. Moses said to God, if your presence won’t go with us, then we won’t move an inch. Why? He knew God’s presence made the enemies tremble and flee. Dwelling in God’s presence daily helps you stay in power and live above the enemy. I will give a few tips below on how to spend time with God. 

  1. Choose a time and call it your covenant time with God. It’s a covenant because you will make out time everyday at that particular time to be with God. Night time is preferably, so no one disturbs you. 
  2. During your covenant time, no calls or chats, just focus on God. Praise Him, worship Him and adore Him. This is not the time for making requests. It’s purely a time of intimacy with your Creator. Just let Him know how much you love and appreciate Him. 
  3. Go along with a journal for writing, God may lay some things in your heart while you are there with Him. Read your bible as well and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you all things and lead you into the truth. It’s  ok to also go along with some edifying Christian books to read. If you can make your covenant time an hour, that will be fine. It should be enough to allow you spend quality time with Him, without rushing. 
  4. You can find a more detailed guide on how to have your covenant time with God in my book; How to hear God for yourself


An idle mind, they say it’s the devil’s workshop. Waking up each day and not knowing what to do with your life, is an open invitation to demonic oppression. God has a purpose for bringing you into this world. Discover that purpose and set about achieving it, of course through the help of the Holy Spirit. Secondly, pursuing just any purpose because you fancy it and not because that’s what God has revealed to you as His plans for your life, is still a disaster in the making. Therefore, seek God passionately until He leads or directs you into that beautiful path He has led out for you.

Once you discover God’s purpose for your life, you become more emboldened to overcome any setbacks or attacks from the pit of hell. 


Living in ignorance of who you really are in Christ Jesus, gives the oppressor easy access to assault your life whenever and however he deems fit. You should know your right as a Christian, so no one pushes you around. Studying the word of God is key to discovering your true identity and the power that has been bestowed on you. 

You may find it boring to pick up your bible and read, but remember the devil is happy when you don’t, because your ignorance gives him the desired cover to keep wreaking havoc in your life. So next time you feel lazy about studying God’s word, remember what you stand to loose by living a life of ignorance. 


“GOD inhabits the praises of His people” (Psalm 22:3). When you engage in praise and worship, you usher in God’s presence into your life and your place of abode. Satan cannot stand God’s presence, He will always flee. Many burdens are lifted when we focus on God and worship Him, because He empowers us the more and renews our strength like that of the eagles, 

Isaiah 40:31 – “But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint”.

Praising God in times of trials is a difficult task, but that is when true worship takes place. If you worship God only when life is rosy, then you are yet to experience what true worship is all about. Praise and worship offered to God in times or tribulations exudes sweet fragrance unto God. 


It’s not easy to bully or oppress the child of a King. They know their rights and usually operate from a level of power and authority. They never desire to come down to the level of mediocrity. 

We Christians are Sons and Daughters of the King of kings and the Lord of lords. When will we adapt this mindset and live it? The bible says that the world is waiting for the manifestations of the Sons of God. It’s about time, Christians change their mindsets and start living the life of spiritual power and authority. It all starts with the mind. If you can believe it, then you can live it. Enough of this bullying and oppression from satanic powers.

In conclusion, I enjoin all Christians to rise up and reject anything hurled at them that does not align with God’s purpose for their lives. Daily exercise your spiritual power and authority and refuse to back down when confronted by demonic powers. Remember, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you. 


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