How to have a covenant time with God.

Covenant time means choosing a particular time to always meet with God everyday. It’s called covenant because you must always stick to that particular time and our God is a covenant keeper. He NEVER fails. Once you start your covenant time, His presence comes and dwells with you. 

  1. Choose anytime of the day as your covenant time but not when you may likely be disturbed or distracted. I prefer night time. 
  1. Pray a simple prayer to let God know you’ve chosen a particular time and would love to meet with Him daily. 
  1. Start your covenant time with worship songs or read Psalms 96, 97, 98, 99, 100, etc. These Psalms focus on God and not you. Covenant time is a time of intimacy with God. It’s a time of knowing Him more and letting Him purge and cleanse you.
  1. Spend at least 30 minutes but I’m sure as you get to know Him more, you will want to stay longer with Him. The experience is priceless!. 
  1. Have a bible and a notebook with you to write what God lays in your heart. Also read books on spiritual growth and intimacy with God. 
  1. Don’t ask for material things, focus on becoming more like Jesus. Ask God to cleanse you and make you ready for His return. Seek first His Kingdom and He will give you every other thing you need, even without you asking. 
  1. Please take note of your dreams and write down what God reveals to you. If you don’t understand your dreams, ask the Holy Spirit and He will bring to your mind what the Lord is talking about. 

Thank you for reading to the end. Wishing you success in your spiritual journey. 


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