Should I be concerned about my child’s poor school grades?

You shouldn’t be concerned about your child’s grades, if your child is putting in his or her best in school and you’re also encouraging and praying for them. Every parent wants their children excelling in  school but do you realise that poor grades can’t stop a child from fulfilling his or her purpose here on earth? Poor grades can’t hinder God from doing what He has ordained for that child.

I am not here to encourage mediocrity or laziness but to assure you that God can’t be limited by poor grades. Your primary purpose as a parent is to lead that child in the way of the Lord and every other aspect shall be taken care of, including their grades.

I recall vividly during my university days, we had this super brilliant guy in my class. He was really good but unfortunately as at today he is still not doing well. He never had a good job and things weren’t going so well with him.
I also know of a mother, who’s little boy is very organised and coordinated, whereas the sister doesn’t really care where or how she places her things. She is always losing her things. Guess what? She happens to be the one always receiving awards in school! She even got award for best handwriting, although the brother writes better than her. So what do you call that? I call it grace.

Sometimes, God chooses the foolish things to draw our attention to Him. It’s not by power or might but by His Spirit. God can use those poor grades to do amazing things in that child’s life. Some parents have sleepless nights due to their children’s performances in school. This is so because most parents have already visualised what career path their children should follow, without first enquiring from the Lord what His plans are. Every child has a great destiny given to them by God. Trying to tamper with that destiny to suit your own plans is tantamount to sleepless nights. This is because you are going against God’s will for that child.

Think less about your child’s grades, think more about your child’s character and relationship with God. If you get it right here, then that child is already on the path to success, good grades or not.


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