Marriage Course (Day 5)

Day 5


Humility plays a major role in making your marriage successful. You need to stay humble and forget your pride/ego. Afterall, the bible says God hates pride. 

Traditionally, there are roles assigned to the husbands in marriage, likewise the wives. Some forget that this is not a standard to adhere to doggedly. It’s just to help run the home smoothly. 

Some men believe cooking, washing dishes, doing laundry, changing babies diapers, etc are jobs meant for wives, therefore they refuse to share in these responsibilities no matter how stressed up their wives may be. 

On the other hand, some women believe mowing the lawn, taking the vehicle to the mechanic for servicing, taking out the trash, footing the bills, etc are roles meant for husbands in marriage. 

This position has brought a lot of havoc to the marriage institution. It is true there are certain roles meant for husbands, like providing for his family. What happens in the case where the husband is going through some financial challenges? Can’t the wife pick up this role, at least temporarily, pending when her spouse will be back on his feet? The case of being taken for granted is usually the fear restraining most women from helping out at a time like this. This should not be so. There should be no fear in marriage, rather trust. If you won’t do it for your spouse, do it for the love of God, for peace sake, for unity sake. Prayerfully take up this role for the time being, while interceding that God will speedily restore your husband’s finances, so he can once again resume his responsibilities. 

How about men who won’t cook or do other similar things related to a wife’s role in  the marriage? Doing these things doesn’t make you less of a man nor does it take your headship of the home away from you. 

If you truly love each other, then there’s no big deal in stooping to take up one another’s role in time of trials or need. Everything is centered on love not our ego. No role is superior to the other, nor is there any role in marriage that is demeaning. 

In marriage, do yourself this favour, don’t attach so much importance to your pride or ego.  Don’t let the fear of “what will people say” when they see me doing these things in my marriage deter you from doing the right things. Do all to the glory of God and He who sees our hearts shall reward our efforts and make our marriages successful. 


  1. My Father, please give me the grace to live a humble life.
  1. Please Lord, don’t let me feel superior to my spouse or look down on him/her. 
  1. In this marriage, Father Lord, please help us to appreciate each other’s effort in Jesus name, Amen. 
  1. All the factors and weeds constituting problems in my marriage, be totally eradicated in Jesus name, Amen. 

Please note that each prayer should be prayed for at least 15 minutes. If you desire to pray more than that, that’s ok.


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