Marriage Course (Day 6)

Day 6


Today is the last day of this marriage course and we’re going to learn how to hear from God. If you take into practice what you’ll be taught today, your Christian life will receive a major boost. 

Hearing from God is an asset every Christian should strive to acquire. This will help you build a more intimate relationship with God. The closer you are to God, the more He reveals Himself to you, and of course His plans and secrets will be made known to you too.

Decision making will be a lot easier because you will allow God lead you and His revelations and insights into matters will enable you make the right choice. 

On several occasions, people have approached me with interesting business opportunities and investments, but when I present them before the Lord for clarification, they often come out negative. So, I don’t delve into such businesses. At times, I feel God is being too strict. Why won’t He just let me invest and make more money? Well, God’s ways are not our ways. He can see the end of that business from the beginning, whereas you are limited to only the present. 

Taking decisions concerning your life, marriage, career, etc becomes much easier because you can now hear from God. Decisions taken based on God’s directive is a sure way to success. 

I encourage all of us to take these teachings seriously and please engage in the practical aspect of it too. Learning without practicing what you’ve been taught is non beneficial. 

Attached below is the link.

How to hear from God .


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