Knowing God and His purpose for your life. (2)



The earlier we discover what God’s purpose for our lives is, the better. This is because, once you know God’s plans for you, you will stop stressing yourself over issues that have nothing to do with your life. 

Many have spent years pursuing a career which God never asked them to. They spend years in that field of study but yet nothing to show for it. How about those who embark on businesses and investments without God’s approval? A sure waste of time and resources I would say. Knowing God’s purpose for your life is crucial. It cuts short the process of trial and error, and where there are challenges, you’re sure God’s got your back because He commissioned you into that project.

Knowing God’s purpose for your life is not as difficult as many think. Some feel discouraged after waiting on the Lord for directions but none seems forthcoming. The truth is perhaps God has given a direction, but they’re not aware because they’ve not understood the way God speaks to them. If God speaks to you through dreams and you’re one of those who don’t take dreams seriously, how will you know when God has answered your prayers? Knowing how God speaks to you and understanding His mode of communication will greatly aid your walk with Him.

You cannot know how God speaks to you when you don’t have a relationship with Him. Build a relationship with God first. Cultivate that friendship and overtime you will reap the benefits of knowing God intimately. Whoever creates time for God and considers friendship with God as paramount, has made the wisest decision because God will come and make His abode with you. When God’s presence comes and dwells with you, you begin to operate in the supernatural. He enables you to see beyond today and also shares His secrets with you because He no longer sees you as just His friend but also as partners and co-heir to His Kingdom and nothing good will He withhold from you. 


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