Knowing God and His purpose for your life. (4)



Now that you’ve taken out time to pray and discovered God’s purpose for your life, what next? 

The bible says we should occupy till He comes, meaning wherever you find yourself, do your best to represent Jesus. Use all at your disposal to promote the kingdom of God. Knowing your purpose helps you to do more for God because you now channel your energy into doing God’s will and not yours, thereby achieving more and saving time.

If you’ve read this book to this level and are yet to discover God’s purpose for your life, then take a break and go sit with God till He speaks with you. For what’s the essence of writing this book, if the readers don’t put into practice what they learn? My prayer is that before you are done reading this book, you would have known who you really are and why God sent you to earth. So, it’s ok if you take a break and go seek the face of God. Before you approach Him, Search your heart. Why do you want to know God’s purpose for your life? After He has revealed this to you, are you willing to pursue the path He has called you into? These are the questions you should ask yourself before you ask God to reveal His will for you. God is not a joker. If He reveals His plans for your life, He expects you to pursue it with all seriousness and dedication. Also, His gifts and talents are to be used to the glory of His name and edification of the church. Therefore, approach God with the mindset of someone who is willing to learn, and use all within his or her disposal to please God and promote His kingdom. 

When you’ve discovered God’s purpose for your life, the next thing to do,  is to ask the Holy Spirit to help you walk in that path. Sometimes, we discover God’s plans for us, but find it difficult to live that life. This Is because we need God’s grace to succeed in our callings. You cannot do it on your own. Simply knowing God’s purpose is not all that there is to it. Once you discover who you really are, work begins. You now make conscious efforts to stay in that path and avoid those things that have nothing to do with what God has revealed to you. 

For instance, if you’ve been called to evangelise and one day someone invites you to join a music lesson, would you go ahead and do so? You will most likely say no, because music is not your calling neither do you’ve any inclination towards it. By rejecting this offer, you’ve saved yourself time, money and unnecessary stress. 

When you come across people who complain of spending so much time and energy doing a particular thing but still cannot achieve it, it’s better to advise them to go back to the drawing board and enquire from the Lord if that’s what He really wants them to do. When God calls you into an office or ministry, He equips you to succeed. What will God profit by letting you spend 3 to 4 years or even more pursuing a particular thing and at the end you’ve nothing to show for it? God is not a time waster. Pursue only what God has revealed to you and not what your flesh desires or what the society demands. 

For those who have discovered their purposes and God’s calling, do well to stay in that path and continually seek ways to develop and harness your gifts and talents. 


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