Knowing God and His purpose for your life. (5)



God has called everyone of us to work for Him, be it on the pulpit or behind closed doors, we all have a job here on earth to fulfil before we return back to our Creator. 

God who has called you, has also equipped you for that ministry and that’s where our gifts or talent come into use. Our God given talents are not meant for self glorification or satisfaction. It’s meant for serving God and promoting His Kingdom. 

We’ve observed that some musicians started with God (i.e, some were in the church choir),but later drifted away to secular music. Maybe they got carried away by the glamour of fame and stardom and decided to use their talents for worldly pleasure. The unfortunate thing is that they seem to forget who gave them these gifts in the first place and He will one day require from them an account of how these gifts were used.

God’s gifts and talents are for the edification of the church, don’t let anyone or anything sway you from this truth. You can still be famous using your talents for God. God may decide to bring you to the limelight if He so pleases, after all we know a lot of popular gospel artists and athletes who profess Jesus openly so as to win souls for God. Many Christians have risen to stardom by simply doing God’s work and using their talents for the purpose which God called them to. 

There is nothing bad in a Christian becoming famous neither is God against it. Your popularity should have the effect of depopulating hell and increasing traffic of souls going to Heaven. 

Use that platform God has elevated you to, to reach more souls and make Jesus known to the world. Sadly, some shy away from this. They don’t want to mix Jesus with their fame because they fear the world may reject or castigate them. 

Ephesians 2.10 says ” For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do”. 

We’ve been called by God to do good works in whatever circumstances we find ourselves. We were all ordained for this, right from the beginning of the world. That you’re a  celebrity today, is not by chance. God planned it so, for His own purpose. 

Some may become celebrities for Christ through their God given talents and some may not. We all have different callings and only God will determine how far these gifts or talents will take us to. Let’s not focus our energy on being popular, rather let’s have the mindset of servitude, allowing God decide in what capacity we will serve Him. 


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